MKS is based in Kolkata, India. It was founded in November 1994 as an association under the Indian Societies Act, 1961.

Ever since its inception, MKS is promoting Indian handicraft and handloom across the globe under the Fair Trade banner. It has chosen the Fair Trade route to offer sustainable wage and steady income for artisans. Since 1997, it has been a member of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO). Today, it is one of the prominent Fair Trade Organizations (FTO) in Kolkata.

Always a believer in fair exchange between Producers and Buyers, it follows transparency in providing wages to artisans, fixing product prices for buyers and ensuring steady orders for producers. To remain a key player in the Fair Trade arena, it sticks to the principles of maintaining Quality, Delivery on time and Innovative Designing of products.

As of today, it is giving support to 24 Producers’ Groups, through which it is giving income generation opportunities to about 250 artisans. All the Fifty employees of MKS and its sister concern Bhumisuta are working as a family. In creating job opportunities for Economically Backward classes, it gives importance to generate employment for destitute and physically challenged women.


When Madhya Kalikata Shilpangan (MKS) was formed in August 1994, it was registered as a society under the West Bengal Societies Registration Act, 1961. Though societies formed under the law are not supposed to undertake export or any other business, those activities are not barred either under the law.

This has eased MKS to start off with export. For this, it had to state in its bye-laws that one of its objectives was to carry on export with a view to assist local cottage and small-scale industries find overseas markets, which along with some other objectives, had been ratified by the concerned authorities.